What they said about Twitmericks…



stevie taylor ‏ @StevieFTaylor @twitmericks Top notch. And more informative than many online news outlets. Bravo, sir, Bravo!

matthew bowles ‏ @fatty_m @twitmericks excellent! You improve with every verse. Even the dud ones ellicit a good groan!

Follow recommendations

Stephen Turner ‏ @sre#followsunday @twitmericks: current news stories … in limerick form! Surprisingly high quality several times a day. NB UK bias.

Mike Cooper ‏ @coop @twitmericks is a must-follow! Daily Show has replaced news programs; this goes one step further

Michael Savage ‏ @michaelsavagWhy @twitmericks only has 851 followers, I will never know.

Michael Savage ‏ @michaelsavage Amazing summary of Cameron’s #NHS meeting, in limerick form, by@twitmericks tinyurl.com/7myg7hm

@paulwidger@twitmericks Twice rhyming Saxony *applause*

Nathan Taylor ‏ @nathanhtaylor @twitmericks Poems by a Mr Mick Twister/A clever and talented mister/All do rhyme in a way/Relevant to today/So go follow him now I insister
Erica Anderson ‏ @EricaAmerica Tweeting news in the form of a limerick: @twitmericks. Great account. cc @magicandrew@kvoxwashingtonpost.com/conversations/…Thanks @dabeard.
I guess I just love limericks but it’s a crime this chap’s don’t accrue thousands of retweets 😄 Genius.
You won’t believe the amount of news stories I end up seeing in limerick form first because of you

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