When I started writing limericks on social media in 2011, it was a lonely pursuit. But now there are quite a few of us. Some are limerick-only accounts, others chuck out the odd rhyme as part of a portfolio. Here are a few Twitter profiles/ links to check out:

@Limericking. Canada. A prolific and very skilled account, going since 2014.

@Libericks. US. Limericks about Trump and pals. The orange one inspired a lot of limericks.

@MadKane. New York. Runs ‘regular limerick-off’ competitions.

@JohnMoynes. Dublin. Writes limericks on his blog and post links on Twitter.

@DrGooseecon. New York. Limericks mainly on economics.

@Berlaymonster. Brussels. Covers EU events humorously, with occasional limerick content.