There Was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: the Book

For followers new to my tweets

This book offers similar treats

There Was an Old Geezer

(Its title) Called Caesar

(‘A fabulous volume’ – J Keats).

‘A faThe book

Book Launch

Book Launch

There was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: The History of the World in 100 Limericks by Mick Twister Was published in 2013 by Portico, an imprint of Anova (now renamed Pavilion).

Admirers of limerick verse/

I fancy can do a lot worse/

Than pick up online/

A volume of mine/

Befitting a moderate purse.///

Still available, I hope, in all good bookshops (and some crap ones I guess).  It can also be ordered from any of the following. If you feel moved to leave a review somewhere that would be great.

Direct from publisher:

Amazon (UK):



WH Smith:

Barnes & Noble:





Also in Canada:




The idea came out of the news limericks I was doing, but the content is almost all new – a couple at the end are reworkings of 2011/2012 Twitmericks. Each accompanied by informative humorous text and some with illustrations. the perfect gift for the limerickophile in your life. Or yourself.

Mick Twister has written a book/

On Amazon, go take a look/

There Was an Old Geezer/

(the title) called Caesar/

So get it by hook or by crook.///


7 Responses to There Was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: the Book

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  2. Doug says:

    Dear Mick, as a collector of limerick books (with over 1300 in my library dating from as early as 1820) I couldn’t let my scan-through of the Geezer called Caeser pass without saying how refreshing it is to have seen a new publication of really high quality. So many fall short of the mark!

    Best wishes,


    • twitmericks says:

      Thanks Doug, Your comment is much appreciated. Fascinating to hear you’ve collected so many limerick books. Are they mostly based on sexual humour or Lear-style nonsense – or is there a reasonable track record of somewhere-in-between?

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  4. Bob Leggett says:

    Have recently finished the book, it was a Christmas present (twice). Much as I love a limerick I like to ration my daily allowance to properly enjoy them. I started tweeting a daily limerick last autumn thinking I was being wholly unique, delighted to find through your links this is not the case and loving your daily news Limerick. Thank you so much for following back.
    @Limerick Bob1

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