Mick Twister

Mick Twister is an anagram of Twitmericks.

Mick writes limericks about the news on Twitter, pretty much daily, as @twitmericks. These are also reproduced below, with links to the relevant news stories.

He is the author of There Was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: A History of the World in 100 Limericks (Anova, 2013) and There Once Was a Man with Six Wives: Kings and Queens in Limericks (Pavilion, 2017)

He writes limericks with a biblical theme for the quarterly 197 Piccadilly magazine. http://www.sjp.org.uk/uploads/1/6/5/7/16572376/____pp197_autumn_2013smaller.pdf

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Polls Apart

The Catalans’ grand referendum/

On powers and how to extendum/

Appeared to annoy/

A chap named Rajoy/

Who’s moving instead to suspendum.///


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WHO Did You Say???

There is an old fellow named Bob/

Who’s got an exciting new job/

Promoting goodwill/

For those who are ill/

Though everyone knows he’s a knob.///


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Carrie’s War

Ms Fisher once sent a producer/

Who fancied himself a seducer/

The tongue of an ox;/

A note in the box/

Said next it will be part of you, sir!///


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Exit Shakespeare

A manager managing Leicester/

Was given the boot mid-semeicester/

They being unable/

To rise up a table/

Low down which they currently feicester.///


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Who Says You Can’t Rhyme Orange?

When skies overhead become orange/

It isn’t regarded as boringe/

Discussing the weather/

Especially whether/

The cause is a dust that is foringe.///



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Dig for Brexit

According to minister Grayling/

If EU discussions are failing/

We fall off the edge/

And plant up more veg -/

Apparently Brexit’s plain sailing!///


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Going Dutch?

Said EU head honcho Jean-Claude/

The UK must pay what is aude/

So settle your tab/

We’ll call you a cab -/

But first let’s have one for the raude.///


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A Fishy Tale

One day when out fishing, a bloke/

Tried kissing a fish for a joke/

It jumped in his mouth/

Then swam further south,/

Thus making the idiot choke.///


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Tussles in Brussels

A Eurocrat known as Michel/

Said Brexit talks aren’t going well/

Tho May tries to mask it/

We’re in a handbasket/

Whose end destination is hell.///


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If at First You Don’t Secede…

Announcing plans post-referendum/

Puigdemont had an addendum/

For having agreed/

New moves to secede/

He promptly went on to suspend ’em.///


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