Mick Twister

Mick Twister is an anagram of Twitmericks.

Mick writes limericks about the news on Twitter, pretty much daily, as @twitmericks. These are also reproduced below, with links to the relevant news stories.

He is the author of There Was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: A History of the World in 100 Limericks (Anova, 2013). http://twitmericks.com/book-news/

He writes limericks with a biblical theme for the quarterly 197 Piccadilly magazine. http://www.sjp.org.uk/uploads/1/6/5/7/16572376/____pp197_autumn_2013smaller.pdf

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Mao Look What You’ve Done!

A chap named McDonnell’s in shtook/

For waving the Little Red Book/

And quoting from Mao/

Without grasping how/

His humorous gesture might look.///


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Turkey Shoot

The loss of a jet by the Russians/

Resulted in urgent discussions/

As Vladimir Putin/

Told Turkey the shootin/

Could lead to severe repercussions.///


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Smooth Operators

A company merger’s been signed/

Creating one big firm behind/

Your botox injections/
And longer erections -/
The solidest assets combined.///
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Wat Da Phuc?

An Aussie with roots in Vietnam/

Said “Facebook, I am who I am./

My name’s Phuc Dat Bich/

It’s not gonna switch/

As frankly I don’t give a damn”.///



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Undercover Lovers

The Met now admits it’s improper/

To lie to get sex, as a copper -/

To go undercover/

And when with a lover,/

Come out with an absolute whopper.///



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Fallen Giant

Farewell to a fellow named Jonah,/

A 6 foot 4 tall 19-stoner/

Who played with great pace,/

With power and grace,/

A towering sporting persona.///


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Sorry Affair

Ken Livingstone made an apology/

For using unkind terminology./

Challenged on Trident/

Ken got all strident,/

Dishing out cheap cod psychology.///


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Cameron’s Anti-Cuts Campaign

Dave Cameron, MP for Witney/

Took issue with Oxfordshire’s litany/

Of deep spending cuts./

Its leader went nuts/

Said: “PM u gotta be shitt’n’ me!*”///

*Well, it almost rhymes!


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Generals’ Election

“I won”, declared Aung San Suu Kyi,/

“Cos everyone voted for me./

Your average punter/

Rejected the junta”./

Let’s see if the generals agree.///


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Wada Fiasco

A damning athletics report/

Found high-level Russian support/

For organised doping/

And nobody coping/

With large-scale abuse in the sport.///

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