Frigging Bankers (parental advisory)

A BoE banker named Tucker/

I gather was Diamond’s mucker/

The rate-rigging bankers/

Are great frigging wankers/

This fucker at best is a sucker.


Editor’s note: The limerick form traditionally makes full use of our rich Anglo-Saxon linguistic heritage. But for comic purposes it’s sometimes better to hint at the obvious rhyme than to supply it. But a man can be tempted too far. OK. A scandal involving rigging by bankers and a man named Tucker. 

About twitmericks

There is an old fellow called Mick/Who's been penning the odd limerick/I admit he's no Keats/But he does them in tweets/So to follow, you just have to click.!/twitmericks "The limerick master of the twitterati" (The Guardian).
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