Berlin Wall limericks

As well as the on-the-day news story limerick I just posted, I also put one up on Twitter from the book, but of course I had to tweak it quite considerably to fit 140 characters. I think it may even be improved:

There was a big wall in Berlin
That was built to keep East Germans in
While the state crushed subversion
Through fear and coercion
And stored suspect smells in a tin.

There was a big wall in Berlin
Erected to keep Ossis in
As the state crushed subversion
Thru fear & coercion
& held suspect smells in a tin

And of course, the book is still available for Christmas 2014!!


About twitmericks

There is an old fellow called Mick/Who's been penning the odd limerick/I admit he's no Keats/But he does them in tweets/So to follow, you just have to click.!/twitmericks "The limerick master of the twitterati" (The Guardian).
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