2014 In Review pt2: ISIS crisis

Part Two of my Limerick Review looks at a few highlights of world events in a year when Crimea seceded and Islamic State succeeded in carving chunks from Iraq and Syria, but couldn’t decide what its own name was – I guess that’s what you call an identity cr(isis).

The fellow they call El-Baghdadi/
A top fundamentalist baddy/
Said “I am the Caliph/
And you’re not my pal if/
You won’t come and be a Jihadi”.

A billionaire king of confection/
Won out in Kiev’s recent election/
But nevertheless/
May find sweet success/
Turned sour by armed insurrection.

Crimeans in their referendum/
Asked Russia to come and befriend ‘em./
The people in Kiev’re/
Not happy, however -/
Say NATO must come and defend ‘em.

Obama says CIA blokes/
Did wrong in their efforts to coax/
Confessions of terror,/
Committing an error/
Outlined as: “We tortured some folks”.

The news that a cop in Missouri/
Is not to be charged by a jury/
For having shot down/
Unarmed Michael Brown/
Has led to explosions of fury.

There was an old fellow in Spain/
Who after a 40-year reign/
Said ‘Being a king/
Just isn’t my thing –/
The reign in Spain’s mainly a pain’

Not forgetting one story I really did not think would be still going by the end of the year – but sadly this one is just as relevant as it was at the beginning of the year:

In Egypt the unjust arrest
Of journalists must be redressed
So #freeAJstaff
And on their behalf
Let all of us loudly protest.

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