Spaghetti Injunction*

A judge in the Netherlands said/
A colander worn on the head/
To worship spaghetti/
Is silly and petty -/
The Lord’s not in pasta, but bread!///

*headline nicked from the Guardian

As I’m sure you’ve all clocked, the last line is intended to contrast the doctrines of  the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with the rival carb-worship of some Christian sects which believe bread becomes the body of Christ. A bit truncated perhaps, but try summing up transubstantiation in eight syllables!

About twitmericks

There is an old fellow called Mick/Who's been penning the odd limerick/I admit he's no Keats/But he does them in tweets/So to follow, you just have to click.!/twitmericks "The limerick master of the twitterati" (The Guardian).
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