Dead Lines: Limerick Obituaries 2013


Nelson Mandela (July 1918-December 2013)

So RIP Nelson Mandela

A quite incomparable fella

Though back in the day

They locked him away

Today his approval rate’s stellar.*


Margaret Thatcher (October 1925 – April 2013)

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

A leader of eminent stature

Whose rule was decisive

But also divisive

Could not overrule the dispatcher.


Hugo Chavez (July 1954-March 2013)

There was an old man of Caracas

Who polarised friends & attackers

Though many were anti

The old Comandante

A lot of the poor were his backers.


David Frost (April 1939 – August 2013)

There was an old fellow named Frost

A TV man now sadly lost.

Although he was gracious

He could be tenacious,

As Nixon found out to his cost.


Chinua Achebe (November 1930-March 2013)

Farewell to a man from Nigeria

Whose writing was pretty superior

Things Fall Apart

Showed Africa’s heart

Without all the darkness hysteria.


Seamus Heaney (April 1939-August 2013)

Farewell to a poet named Seamus

Whose body of work made him famous

Reciter, exciter

And prizewinning writer

His poems inspire & inflame us.


Iain Banks (February 1954 – June 2013)

A very fine writer from Fife

Has sadly departed this life.

So let us give thanks

For old Iain Banks,

Our thoughts with his newly-wed wife.


John Graham (February 1921-November 2013)

There was an old crossword compiler,

A word-weaving cryptic freestyler.

Farewell Araucaria

Infinite varier,

Witty, bewitching beguiler.


Lou Reed (March 1942 – October 2013)

So RIP music man Lou

Your walk on the wild side is thru

Your satellite’s gone

Your Perfect Day done

But we’re glad we spent it with you.


Reg Presley (June 1941-February 2013)

RIP Reg from the Troggs

Who sad to report, popped his clogs

Mortality found him

With love all around him

With Brenda his wife & their sprogs.


Ray Manzarek (February 1939-May 2013)

There was an old fellow named Ray,

A Doors man who knew how to play.

Come on Light My Fire,

A tune to admire,

Years on is still burning away. 


Junior Murvin (1946-December 2013)

So farewell Junior Murvin

Whose legacy’s well worth preservin’

He sang of the ghetto

In piercing falsetto

Compelling & oddly unnervin’.


Ronnie Biggs (August 1929-December 2013)

Old Ronnie Biggs helped rob a train;

Imprisoned, he got out again.

He then did a bunk

And sang as a punk

While Slipper pursued him in vain.


*The Mandela limerick first appeared in There Was an Old geezer Called Caesar: A History of the World in 100 Limericks.

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