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Dead Lines: Limerick Obituaries 2013

HERE ARE SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO LEFT US THIS YEAR, REMEMBERED IN LIMERICK FORM: Nelson Mandela (July 1918-December 2013) So RIP Nelson Mandela A quite incomparable fella Though back in the day They locked him away Today his approval … Continue reading

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Biggs V the Pigs

Old Ronnie Biggs helped rob a train;/ Imprisoned, he got out again./ He then did a bunk/ And sang as a punk/ While Slipper pursued him in vain./// http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/ronnie-biggs-dead-great-train-robber-dies-aged-84-9012029.html https://twitter.com/twitmericks/status/413259202878910465  

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